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Know what anencephaly is

Anencephaly is a dangerous condition that affects a baby, where he is born without some part of the brain and skull bones. The risk of a baby being born with this condition will increase if the mother is deficient in folic acid during pregnancy. Anencephaly is one of the abnormalities in the formation of fetal nerve tubes. This disease makes the baby's brain, skull, spine, or spinal cord not formed properly. It is very important to know how to reduce the risk of anencephaly, considering there are no treatment methods that can be used to save babies from this condition. Causes of Anencephaly The exact cause of anencephaly (anencephaly) is not known with certainty, but there are a number of factors that are thought to increase the risk of babies experiencing this condition, namely: Genetic disorders. Lack of certain nutrients, especially folic acid. Exposure to toxic substances from the environment, and drugs or food consumed by mothers during pregnancy. Born to mothers wh
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Efforts to Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy in the 40s

Now more and more couples are delaying pregnancy for various reasons. If you are one of them and are just planning a pregnancy, while you are more than 40 years old, don't worry. With proper preparation, not a few couples who managed to have a healthy baby in their 40s. In addition to the lower chance of getting pregnant because of decreased fertility, getting pregnant in their 40s is also more at risk of complications. Especially if you have health problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Therefore, you need to prepare well so that you can continue to have a healthy pregnancy and a smooth delivery process. Tips on Obtaining and Undergoing a Healthy Pregnancy in Your 40s Although it requires extra effort, you and your partner can still realize the dream of getting pregnant and getting a healthy baby. Come, see the tips below: A healthy lifestyle to support fertility Given the higher risk for pregnancy complications in their 40s, it is very important to maintain a

Caring for the Beauty of Women Through Bikini Waxing

Bikini waxing is hair removal in intimate areas. Many women do this for reasons of personal health, cleanliness, or simply wanting to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Called bikini waxing because pubic hair is generally pulled out so as not to appear when wearing a bikini. The development of current trends assume that pubic hair that looks will be seen as something embarrassing. The procedure is done by using wax to remove hair or fine hairs. Various Types of Bikini Waxing Bikini waxing can generally be done in a salon or spa by trained beauty experts. Bikini waxing types also vary, based on the area to be handled. This difference will also determine the cost of treatment, including the pain it causes. Here are some types: Total Brazilian bikini wax Remove all hair around the groin and genitals. Partial Brazilian wax bikini Hair on the groin, labia or vaginal lips, and buttocks removed, leaving a thin line leading to the navel. Expanded bikini wax Hair or f